My First Black Friday!

I experienced my first Black Friday this year! Thanksgiving was fun! Saw my dad's side of the family, had dinner at Cracker Barrel and took Brandon to work at 9 pm. I headed back to Athens to go shopping! Amanda wanted to check out Target and Old Navy. Old Navy had a decent line already, and she only wanted to go for the special "first X amount of people" promotion anyway. Target was RIDICULOUS. The line was worse than Best Buy's. It was insane. So, needless to say, we were out of luck. Those were both at midnight and the place I wanted to go to, Sears, didn't start until 4. We went to Starbucks to reload on caffeine and then decided to go to the mall to check out the situation. That's when the fun began...

We got to the mall and the Sears side parking lot lights and inside lights were OUT. Not one was on and there were no lines at the doors. Belk had a small line starting, so we found that odd. We thought it might mean that the lines were inside. So we went in...no line. We did a back and forth check for a while and finally at 2 am, the parking lights turned on and we saw 3 people walk in! Excitement! About that time, people started showing up. I found it so odd, cause I thought people waited in lines for hours for this kinda stuff?! I guess not at Sears! It was kind of good though, because it was like 30 something degrees outside! Goodbye, warm front! At 3, we got out of the car and were about 8th and 9th in line! 

I got everything that I had planned to get though!! I was so glad because it had been such a tedious adventure. But it was well worth it in the end! I got...

A Keurig coffee maker!! 
Holy moly this thing is awesome. If you don't know about Keurigs, I definitely suggest looking into it! They're SO easy. Obviously not good for multiple cups, but it's perfect for one! It was $119.

A KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer! 
I have wanted one of these for YEARS. I cannot explain how excited I am to get it. They didn't have a color I liked in the store, so I ordered one in "Ice" and it's on it's way! It was $264!

A washer and dryer for my dad!
I said before I even won the Kenmore GC that I wanted to get these for my dad! He does so much for us, and it's time for new ones for him, so I got them for him! They're being delivered and installed Tuesday so I'm excited to see how he likes them! They totaled to be about $750 after installation costs.

And for our biggie that I lucked up and got with only 5 left...

A Zenith 50" Plasma screen TV 1080p TV!
We got a projection TV off Craigslist a few months ago, and it works fine, but it's big and we have a tiny apartment so this sleek design is much better for us! It opened up so much room and is great quality too! It was only $475 after they gave me a $25 for buying it! 

What did you score at Black Friday? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too! 


Wine & Love! 11/17

So since Thursday Fives are a thing of the past (which I admit I got a little slackerish on them), Walking With Nora does a similar meme and this week I'm jumping on the bloggy wagon! Here are my "wines" and loves for the past week!


I haven't updated on here yet, but I did not get into nursing school. Again. We'll save that for another post.

I have been sick all week. It started last Friday, the day of our Marine Corps Ball. Perfect timing.

It's the end of the semester. Nuff said.

I've felt really blah lately. Just, blah.


We ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly again this year! I ordered them after midnight on technically Wednesday, and we got them today (Thursday). Free shipping and 40% off the cards. I freaking LOVE Shutterfly! And they're super cute!! 

It's the end of the semester! Thanksgiving break is next week, then it's just a few more classes and finals! I'm so ready for a BREAK!

I surprised hubby with Battlefield 3 yesterday and he picked up Starbucks on the way home from work today! It's the little things :)

I won a gift card and T shirt from a local BBQ restaurant yesterday! Our local radio station does "Winning Wednesdays" and it's the second time I've won something! Yay for free dinner tonight!