Lazy Saturday Thoughts

School Stuff!
Still nothing from the teacher about my grade. Ugh! I'm ready to pull my hair out. "Pray for an A!" has become my mantra! This is my last shot at getting HOPE back since I'm over 90 hours now, and HOPE only covers to 127.

It's the end of the month, so I'm putting in two orders tonight and tomorrow! If you wanna get in on it, add my Scentsy Facebook page, or visit my website! Get those BBMB bars before they go away for good, again!

My Cats!
They're just awesome! I woke up to see Cammie had decided to eat some of the grilled sausage we accidently left out last night. It was in the middle of the kitchen floor. Now she and Charlie are running around playing. Oh, and she has also learned how to open the dishwasher by herself. Greattttt.

Kenmore Contest!
If you're my friend on Facebook, I've probably been bugging the crap out of you about this! :) Today and tomorrow are the last days to vote though! I'm very close to winning, so please help me out! We could win $3,000 to Kenmore and a chance to be in a commercial!

Mary Kay!
If you love Mary Kay, or have never tried it out, or if you just want to help me out in another contest, please add Cristy Lambert! She is awesome and always has great deals going on!! Tell her I sent you too! :) Thanks!

I'll leave you with some songs I'm currently loving!! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(Mainly just the Bruno Mars parts)


Life's Sweet Surprises!

If you've been reading the last two or three posts, you've caught the theme. Stress, stress, stress! Well, I woke up this morning, er, afternoon to a sweet surprise!! I got up and went to check Facebook as usual. One of my notifications was my friend Brooke writing this on my wall...

I honestly had no idea what she was talking about! So, I Facebook searched them, and lo and behold, I see this:
I commented on it, of course, and asked if it was me or another girl with the same name! The post was like 4 hours old at the time, so if there was another Nicole Hale, she was a slow poke at seeing it too! I contacted them and sure enough, I apparently won this 2 day vacation!! Haha! When we were looking into honeymoons last year, I guess I signed up for it and forgot all about it, and I guess I was still in their entrant pool! Whatever the case, I am STOKED!!! I looked around at their website, and it looks SO nice. It's located in Helen, GA. If you've never been there, you should go! It's a very unique, Dutch-modeled town. With the little Dutch buildings and trolls everywhere!

They're known for tubing on the Chatahoochee River, lots of little shops and great restaurants! I am SO excited. I've been through the town, but never visited at length.

Since I unknowingly signed up for this, or someone else signed me up or something, I was unaware of the contest rules. Luckily, hubby and I are both over 21, so we can still go! The catch is, as far as I'm aware, we have to use this in August. Our financial situation won't be very stable until I get my loan refund around the 20th. And, as the Marine Corps likes to mess up anything it can, Brandon has a special training to go to from August 18th to September 9th. :| I emailed the owner, explaining, so hopefully she is understanding and will let us extend our usage period to September!! If not, I guess I'll be planning a weekend with the girls sometime while he's gone to MRAPS. Meanwhile, I'll be shopping for a cabin to choose!! Here are some pictures from their website. If you're in Georgia, go check them out!

This is sooo pretty!!

They have nice kitchens, spacious living rooms!


A view of the mountains!
I love this one with the hot tub overlooking the mountains!!

Jacuzzis in your rooms!!

And saunas!! Oh my goodness, take me nowwwww!!!


Stressed, much?

So this might be a reiteration of my post the other day, but oh well. I have a lot on my mind and nothing to do to keep my mind off of it. :)

First off, I have officially REapplied to GCSU's nursing program. I'm also going to apply to another smaller college, Gordon College. It's in Barnesville, which is on the other side of Macon. We'd be a bit closer to Jason and Angela, my brother and sister in law, but a little farther from my dad. But yet, a little closer to Brandon's side of the family! That school only has an associate program, but at this point, I don't even care what kind of program I'm in, as long as it gets me to an RN. I can always do an RN-BSN bridge program later on. I'm waiting for my UGA transcript to come in the mail because for some crazy *cough*lazy*cough* reason, Gordon is making me include both transcripts in my nursing application packet, even though they already have them on file in the Admissions office. :) So, once I get that, I will be assembling my packet and sending that off as well! I opted for getting it in the mail instead of driving nearly 2 hours to Athens to get it from the school. Gas is ridic and our $ situation is not so hot. Hopefully it will come tomorrow and I can get the app to Gordon on time. If not, I'll either be driving to Athens or Barnesville or both.

Our financial situation is looking a tad better. We have received the surgeon's bill ($2,600) and we only have to pay $600 of it, $50 a month starting sometime soon. We got the anesthesiologist's bill as well ($1,000) and the nice lady at the payment center is letting us start payment towards the end of August. $50 a month for that as well. We have yet to get the hospital bill or the pathology bill. The hospital bill will be the doozy, but hopefully since we sent in all our financial info, they will be able to discount us on that as well. The anesthesiologist and surgeon bills we've gotten so far are merely for their services, not the actual anesthesia or surgery! Plus he had a CT done, blood work out the ying yang, and stayed overnight. I really don't even think I want to know the total yet. What I've Googled has said ~$25k. Yeah, that's a car. A pretty nice, new car. Moral of the story: GET HEALTH INSURANCE. You may not think you need it, but you never know what will happen.

Luckily, Brandon has gotten some pretty good hours to have not been scheduled at all. His AT was supposed to be the 16th-31st or something like that, but with the surgery he was unable to go, and had already asked those two weeks off work. I think he got about 30 hours last week, and about 37 this week. Thank God!!! And my Scentsy check for August is shaping up to be a pretty nice one as well.

As far as other school stuff goes, I'm waiting to get my grades back. Which is driving me slightly insane. I have a 3.0 currently, and I had 88 hours. I have to have 90 to reapply for HOPE, so I took two classes (had to take 6 hrs to get financial aid). In those classes, I have to either get two B's or an A and a C. One class was Political Science, which I had taken previously and gotten a D in. This time around, I got a C. I'm waiting to see what the other class is. If it's an A, I'll be good to go. If it's a B, I'll be emailing teachers begging for extra credit assignments. The classes ended June 31st, so with it being July 25th, I want to knowww!! It's driving me crazy!! Well, this is about all going on for now. Thanks for listening to my rant if you made it this far! lol

A new 'do!

But not a hair do, a blog do! I figured since I've felt like getting back into blogging, my blog needed a makeover! So I have a new layout, new header and I have updated our furbabies to include our newest addition - Cammie! I also updated everyone's buttons to be current.

I'm having an issue with the font, I'd like to change it too, but just can't seem to figure out how!! It's driving me crazy! It tells me I can't delete all the HTML which I think is where the font is...so I have no idea. Anyone know how to fix it? I'm just not getting it!

I am pretty darn proud of my photoshopping skills and my new header! I got the basis of it from shabbyblogs.com as well as the layout. They have such cute stuff!!

Let me know what y'all think! I also need to do a new signature thing...but I'll get there eventually! :)


Yes, I'm still alive!

Have I seriously not posted since May?! This summer has flown by, and not in the best way! I took classes in June so that took up most of my time, and July has gotten off to a rough start as well. Brandon came down with appendicitis on July 3rdish, and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed on the 5th! Luckily, we made it down to AL to see his family for the 4th, though! He was in the hospital the 5th and 6th, and my 22nd birthday was the 7th! Things are trying to return to normal. B would have left on the 16th to go to AT, but due to the surgery, he was unable, medically, to go. He had to take some time off regular work too, to recover from the surgery. Since he had planned to go to AT, he took these two weeks off work...leaving him with no hours! They've thankfully fit him in a little bit, so he got to work a little this week. Hopefully he'll be able to work some next week too. With regular bills, medical bills coming in (no insurance), inability to work, Scentsy business sucking and more, things have been stressful. To say the least.
I planned in May to get a summer job. It ended up that I had to take classes in June in hopes of getting my HOPE scholarship back, so we have more money in August. Me + job + school = horrible combination. That's why I had the F that ruined my GPA to begin with that made me LOSE my scholarship. I totally had not planned all of this happening either. And me getting a job right now, wouldn't be smart, because I'd have to quit in August when regular school starts back.

So this is the life that you have missed for the last 2 months! Hopefully things will get better soon, somehow. I'm also looking for a niceeeee person to help me rearrange my blog! I've tried and tried and it just doesn't work. :)