Thursday Five - 12/30!

It's Thursday Five time again! This week has been a doozy, it feels like! Decompressing from the holidays, I guess, but here are things that made me...

Totally Stoked

I was really Happy to get a book shelf today! Simple things in life. Haha. I really think I'm getting old because I get excited about new lamps, book shelves, etc. I also got Bakerella's book CAKE POPS!! I'm super excited to try out some more of them!

I was Delighted to get our present from my MIL yesterday! She crocheted me a headband and scarf that are so cute!! I love handmade presents; they're much more meaningful!

I'm Grateful that I got to spend a nice evening with my brother and his family Monday! They're so much fun and it's nice to get out of this little town every once and a while!

I'm Totally Stoked for my new plug in warmer and scent that I won! I got it in the mail today, and it's so cute and the fragrance (You Go Girl) smells SO freaking good!!

I'm Thankful that my dad helped me buy a new laptop charger today. I don't know what it is, but they only last me about a year and a month. Long enough to not be under warranty anymore, basically. But I was pleased to see that Mac has redesigned them, so hopefully the problem that always happens will not happen anymore!


My Christmas!

I don't know where to start! I feel like it's been so long since I posted, but we've been pretty busy! So here goes my Christmas update!

I made reindeer cake pops for a few of my friends! I think they ended up okay! You can see how Bakerella (my hero) makes them HERE.

My aunt and cousin came to stay with us at my dad's over the holiday! Danielle, my cousin, loved Charlie! Charlie...well, you can see his reaction. hehe
I made some yummy red velvet cupcakes to take to Christmas dinner at my other aunt's house! Can you tell I love baking?

Charlie and Addy had lots of fun playing together too! They always have a good time and when Charlie gets home he sleeps for at least 24 hours straight!

We didn't get maaaany actual presents, but we got a good bit of cash, gift cards and a few things for me to bake with!

But one of the most awesome things was....IT SNOWED!!! I'm in Georgia. It hadn't been a white Christmas in Georgia, since 1882!!! So this was a big deal!! It wasn't a white Christmas to wake up to, but it snowed a good bit by the end of the night!

And I got to see Kelly! One of my best friends and bridesmaids who is preggers! She lives in VA so I don't see her much. I didn't get to feel the baby kick though, but there'll hopefully be more chances!

When we got back to our apartment, there was no snow. :( Such a downer. But we woke up to some the next day!! Just a little, but enough to make me happy!
I hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas!!


Thursday Five is back!

Thursday Five is back!! I'm excited that Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots is taking it over! I've missed it the last few weeks! So here are things that made me...


1. I was so Excited to get all my packages this week! I got our Shutterfly cards, prints that I ordered for our wedding frames and my swap package from Diana all this week!

2. The whole Christmas feeling is making me so Joyful! Hot cocoa, shopping for presents, decorating the tree - I love it all!

3. I'm so Thankful that I have wonderful friends and family to enjoy all Christmas has to offer with! I'm truly blessed!!

4. I'm super Happy that I got pretty good grades this semester! I've had a rough time since my mom died back in 2008, but I finally feel my focus coming back! 3 A's and a B is the best I've ever done!

5. I'm Pumped for Christmas!! Can't tell though, right? lol My aunt comes down Monday and I'm hoping to be able to spend some time with her and my cousin, and just have a good time Christmas day with the rest of the family!

Expanding my cooking horizon...

I'm 21. I'm married. I need to know how to cook. I have the basics down, but I get tired of cooking the same stuff over and over. Here are the things I do know how to cook:
  • Crock Pot Roast
  • Spaghetti
  • Baked pork chops
  • Chicken casserole
  • Crock Pot Chili
And that's about it. I know the basic stuff too, like hotdogs and burgers and all that, but I'd like to add more dishes that last a few days, don't have a million ingredients (I'm not Ina Garten, if you haven't noticed) and doesn't cost a lot to make. Soooo if you have any that you'd like to share, or links to posts about it, pleaseeee share!!


Life is weird sometimes.

So it's like 4:30 AM and I can't sleep. This blog will be minimal, but I just wanted to share an odd occurrence that just happened! I hopped on blogger to check the feed, when I saw a new post from one of the blogs I follow that I really like. Hereeee is the first one I clicked to open. Earlier, I had read something a friend had posted on Facebook, about being in the mood to bake. I've been wanting to bake really badly lately and I've been wanting to try out Smores brownies for quite some time. They look absolutely delightful. So while I'm off thinking about Smores and reading the first post about the new blog, I had opened the link to the Bonjour's new blog in another tab. Hadn't looked at it yet. I go to look at it, and what is the first image on the post?

That's right. Smore's brownies. It was like the internet read my mind! I know it's not a big deal, but it just makes me smile when little things like that happen! I'm going to try to get some sleep. I apologize if this post makes absolutely no sense at all. :)


My Gift Swap Present! What's in Yours?

I got up this morning when Brandon went to work, and right before I went to lay back down for a little bit, the mail came!! And my package from my swap partner Diana! Diana is the blogger for Little Moments - check out her blog when you get a chance!

Little Moments

But for now....here's my package!
My package!
She boxed it all cute! And it had a sweet little card! Charlie, of course, tried eating the tissue paper as soon as I opened it!
And little did Diana know, she got Charlie a present too! He absolutely loves cardboard boxes.
All my presents! I got....
A fleece throw - SO cute with Santas and presents on it! And comfy too!
A kitty calendar - I love kitties!
A peppermint lollipop that's going to take me like 3 months to eat!
Snowman, mitten and snowflake cookie cutters!
And a stand mixer ornament! I thought it was SO cute!!
Close up pic of the ornament! How neat!

I loved all of my stuff, and thank you again, Diana, for being my swap partner!! Hopefully by now everyone has mailed theirs out (deadline is tomorrow!). So once you get it, write a post about it and link up so we can see what everyone else got! :) I love Christmas!


I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Diana!
Little Moments

1. Four shows that you watch:
- One Tree Hill
- Gossip Girl
- Life Unexpected
- House

2. Four things you are passionate about:
- Nursing
- Baking
- the Military
- Giving animals homes!

3. Four phrases you say a lot:
- "I know right?"
- "You know what I mean?"
- "And I was like..."
- "Jeebus!" (alternative to "Jesus!") lol

4. Four things you've learned from the past:
- Don't take your time with your loved ones for granted
- Drop a class if there's even a chance of failing
- Some people just don't want your advice
- Keep calm during arguments

5. Four places you'd like to go:
- Paris, France
- Hawaii
- Italy
- Disney World or Land

6. Four things you did yesterday:

7. Four things you're looking forward to:
- Christmas
- Kelly having her baby!
- Getting into nursing school and starting it
- Graduating college

8. Four things you love about winter:
- The cuddliness of it
- Christmas!
- Snow! When it does happen
- Yummy foods!

9. Four bloggers who should share their list of fours:

Ramblings of a Marine Wife

The Blackwoods

Weekend Recap!

- Thursday -
This week is going to start on Thursday, because it's when the fun began! Thursday was payday, so we bought our Christmas tree decorations! This is our first married Christmas, so here is our first tree as husband and wife! :)
This is my favorite ornament!

- Friday -
Brandon had drill this weekend, so me and Charlie drove up to my dad's for the weekend! I went to visit my aunt Friday night. They were having a little Christmas festival in their town, so we went to that! It was pretty fun! They were passing out free hot chocolate and marshmallows to roast on a big fire. They had a Santa there for the kids to take pictures with and they had a cake walk! I walked one time and won a cake! It was a red velvet cake with German chocolate icing. Pretty good, although I'm not a biggg fan of coconut. It served as a nice birthday cake for my dad though!
- Saturday -
My dad's birthday! Happy Birthday to him! I got him a Scentsy - equivalent warmer and a few scents and he loved it! I was glad! We sat around for a bit and then I went to Tires Plus to see what was up with my putt putt car. It's been sputtering a lot lately. After that, I went to Mexicali, AKA the best Mexican restaurant ever, with Manda and then we stopped by Walmart where I ran into Alysse, a friend from UGA! We stopped for Starbucks on the way home and then Ryan, Jonathan and Ryan's mom stopped by. We've been friends since 7th grade and he's moving back to Canada in a few days so I was really glad I got to see him before he left!!

- Sunday -
I had coffee (again) with Lauren! It was nice to catch up since I hadn't seen her since the wedding! She brought my Christmas present, and I love it! I'm a slacker and haven't gotten done with my shopping yet, so that just means we'll have to hang out again before Christmas! I got a book of 1001 sweet recipes! This should keep me occupied for the rest of my life! lol I love it! And a sweet frame that will be perfect for one of our wedding pics of me and Lauren!
And it was snowing like all day! None of it stuck hardly, but at least I got to see snow! It's rare in Georgia!
That was my weekend! I hope everyone else has had a great one too! :)


Button Re-adjustments

My buttons weren't posting IN posts, just on the sidebars...so I've been messing with it. I'll probably delete this after I'm done, but for the time being, just ignore me! lol


Random Thursday Thoughts

No, it's not another Blogger meme, I just haven't wrote in a while! It does have a ring to it though! Usually I'd stick some of my randomness into Thursday Five but it's been missing for a while! :/ Anyway...

[Bye bye, classes!]
I finished up classes this week so I am done with studying until January! I can't tell you how good that feels! Checked my grades and I have two A's so far! Cross your fingers for 1 or 2 more!

[Ho, Ho, Ho!]
My Christmas mood is HERE! It's been here, but I've subdued it to focus on studying. We put our tree up a few days ago. This is what it looks like now though:

But hopefully it will be all prettied up tonight! I'm super excited to decorate our first tree together! And I'm ordering my 50 FREE Christmas cards from Shutterfly that I blogged about HERE!

A few days ago, I had the strangest thing happen, that really freaked me out! I was sitting on the couch studying, when I thought I saw something fall from the ceiling. I looked to see what it was, and I saw something go across the room. I thought, "Oh, must be a bug." Well I sat up, all of like a half a foot from where I was leaning to look, and BAM! I start seeing lights coming from every way, but all going towards the center. There were probably like 15 of them that looked like the things that fly off sparklers, kind of an inverted firework. It lasted ~30 seconds or so, and that was it! Hasn't happened since!

Such a cute website! I'm newly addicted and you can follow me here! It's an image site and you "heart" your favorites and it creates a page of them!

[Happy Birthday, Charlie!]
So his birthday is sometime in November, maybe around the 16th, but we're not too sure since we adopted him from a shelter. But he's about a year old now! I was uploading pics the other day and found one to show a good comparison! My baby's growing up! *sniff sniff*

I think that's all the randomness I have for now! Until next time!


Holiday Gift Swap Partners!

Happy Saturday! I know I'm glad it's the weekend, and it's get your swap partner day! So here we go!

I went old school and drew names out of a hat! Everyone's names that signed up...
All in the hat, er, cover!

Our first pair is Kara @ Ramblings of a Marine Wife (karalynn81@yahoo.com) and Heather

Next up...

Myself and Diana @ Little Moments!

And finally....

Kim @ Long Distant Love (deesekimberly@gmail.com) and Megan

Contact your partners and talk things out! Don't forget - $20 gift limit not including shipping and it should be shipped no later than December 15th! :)