The Fever

I'm taking a break from the 10 Days of You posts, because I've been struck with The Fever. That's right, baby fever. We aren't planning on having kids for a few more years, but I have been wanting a baby so badly lately!!

Our Pre-Baby Stipulations

1. I have to graduate with SOME kind of degree first. Preferably nursing.

2. I have to find a good job with said degree.

3. Brandon will be out of the Marine Corps with no threat of deployment anymore.

4. He finishes his degree and also has a good job.

5. We will have a bigger place, preferably an actual house.

6. I just feel we need more "us" time before a baby comes.

All this puts us as ready as we would ever be for a baby, when I'm about 26 and he's 27. That doesn't seem really "old" to be having a baby, it just seems so far away from now. I know the wait will be well worth it if we're more prepared and financially stable. I have this fear from losing my mom, though. My mom had my brother when she was 20, me when she was 33. She passed away when she was just 52 and I was 19. I just want as much time with my children as possible. I don't want something like that to happen with my children. Who knows what the future holds; I certainly don't. That thought is just always in the back of my mind! Plus, I have a baby nephew and my friends have babies and now my kids are going to be way younger than all of them! :/

On a happier note, I guess I'll just keep playing with these little guys until it's time for me to have one of my own!

My nephew, Mitch!

Brandon's friends' son, Ethan! He didn't like his hat very much!

Kelly's son, Javion!


10 Days of You - Day 4

Day 4: 7 Wants!

I get my student loan refund Wednesday!! YAY! No more being broke! If I could be totally unreasonable and blow it all, this is what I would get.

1. Tempurpedic Bed
These things are like laying on a cloud. I never should have laid on one at Rooms To Go. I want one SO bad but they are so expensive!! My bed is like, as old as me, so it's time for a new one. We'll probably go with a pillow top queen though!

2. iPhone 5
I will be getting one of these, God willing!! I have an enV touch right now, with no internet. It's time to join the rest of the world, and get an iPhone!!

3. New Laptop
There's nothing reallyyyy wrong with mine. It's just a little dated. It's the first Macbook that I got my freshman year of college, 4 years ago. I'd like to upgrade!

4. Cruise!
Our anniversary is in October, and I'd love to go on a cruise!! I've been itching to go on another, and Brandon has never been on one!

5. Bigger Apartment!
I'm tired of where we live! It's tiny and to be honest, rather ghetto. lol I'd like a bigger apartment in a nicer complex!

6. A Motorcycle for Brandon
We're trying to make this one happen! He's been wanting one for a very long time, and after countless arguments, I've given in. He'll just also be getting every piece of protective gear possible, as well.

7. Tower for the Kitties!
With our tiny apartment, I think it'd be nice for them to play on! Plus, cats like getting up high, and our 3-4 feet counter tops are as high as they can get here. Hopefully we'll find a good deal on one and we can get it for them!


10 Days of You - Day 3

Day 3: 8 Fears

1. Deployment and the worst outcome

2. The Dark
I will not go outside at night without running and/or having someone watch me.

3. Unsecured Heights
I've been on the top of the Empire State Building, not a problem. But bunjee jumping? Oh no.

4. Losing a Loved One

5. Someone breaking into my house
Especially while I'm there. I have reallllly bad anxiety when I'm home alone at night!

6. Gigantic Nasty Bugs
This includes roaches or anything with more than 4 legs!

7. Regret
I don't like regret - I prefer to call it a lesson learned. I just don't ever want to look back and wish I had done something I didn't! I want a fulfilling life!

8. The Unknown
Are aliens real? Who knows. It just creeps me out to think about it though!!


10 Days of You - Day 2

Day 2: 9 Loves

Everyone knows the basic things you love! I love God, my husband, my family, my friends. That would be half the list! So since I already took care of those, here are 9 other things I love!

1. Cupcakes
Making them, eating them, anything that IS a cupcake...I love it. Necklaces, warmers, rings...If it has a cupcake on it, I want it. These cupcakes happen to be from Hello There Cupcake in Macon, Ga. They're fabulous!

2. Kittens/Cats
I have a serious soft spot for kitties! I have two of my own and I would love to have more! But I can't, so I just feed all of them that come around the apartment. :)

3. Scentsy!
Love, love, love it. Love using, love selling it!

4. Vacations!
In high school, I went on one big vacation a year with the marching band. I seriously miss those trips!! The beach is my favorite vacation spot, but I just love traveling in general!

5. A Good Cup of Coffee
And to reiterate my love for cupcakes, I went to type "cup" and "cake" immediately followed.
I love white chocolate mochas! I like sweet coffee. I'm a, "Yes, I'd like some coffee with my milk and sugar" kinda gal. Starbucks is my favorite by far, from what I've tried! Seattle's Best is pretty good too though.

6. Facebook Games
Yep, I'm one of those people. I don't blow up your Facebook if you don't play the games too though. I just like to play them! :D

7. Music
I really miss band! I played from 6th grade and on, occasionally in college, but I really miss it! Practicing in 100 degree weather? Not so much. But I do miss symphonic band, band trips, band people...all of it!

8. Baby Smiles
I love babies! Especially when they smile! This is my adorable nephew, Mitch! And doggie nephew, Carlton, photobombing the picture.

9. A Good Book
I just finished this book, and I highly recommend it! It was SO good. Had me sucked in from the very beginning to the very end. I love books like that!

And I have no idea why this is underlined. I can't get it off.

Stay tuned for Day 8!


10 Days of You - Day 1

I got this idea from Liv at Simply Sunshine and Daisys. I thought it was cute, so I'm going try it out too! Not necessarily one every day, but I can promise they will be in order! Ha! So without further ado...

Day 1: 10 Secrets!
And I don't really have 10 secrets, so uh, 10 cool facts?! Sure!

1. I'm obsessed with cats. And cupcakes.

2. I'm pretty darn short. 4'11". Never could grow that last inch!

3. I have a food texture problem. Squishy things severely gross me out. Like oranges.

4. I loveee entering contests! And I win a good bit of them. People tell me I need to play the lottery! I don't call it lucky though, I call it blessed! I've won $1,000 at my senior prom, my engagement ring and wedding band, and recently a mini vacation!

5. I was a band kid, and proud of it! I played flute and piccolo in high school, flute in college some, but I miss it!!

6. I like assembling things. Like invitations, packages, anything like that! I think it's one reason I love Scentsy so much!

7. I love anything to do with Paris/French stuff. I want to visit so bad!

8. I can't swim.

9. My phone still doesn't have internet. I'm dyinggg for the iPhone 5!

10. I'll probably cry if I ever get into nursing school. Say a prayer!!