One of the biggest things about the New Year are resolutions! Granted, nothing really changes when the calendar flips to a new year, it gives you a good opportunity to reevaluate your life and see what you need to change or start anew! Here are my resolutions, what are yours?

1. Budget
We have more and more bills it seems, and with my upcoming student loan imbursement and income taxes coming, I don't want to spend it frivolously. I'm looking into putting the money in a certain account and only depositing X amount per month.

2. Get into nursing school
This has obviously been a struggle for me, but it would make me SO happy to finally get in.

3. Have more fun
Brandon and I feel like we're getting in a rut. Work/class...come home...dinner...TV...sleep. Rinse, repeat. I want to do more fun things! Hopefully the budgeting will allow us more "fun" money.

4. Scentsy
Joining Scentsy in 2011 was awesome!! I had a very successful year and I only want to make 2012 better!

5. Do more with my blog
I post occasionally, but I'd love to make it more interactive! Any ideas of what you'd like to see?

6. Be Healthier
I have a few ideas in mind, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. This is the "cliche" resolution that no one ever keeps, so I don't want to be that statistic!


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