Today is good!!

So since I've kind of been keeping y'all up to date with my school ventures, I thought I would share this with you!! I HAVE A 3.0!!!!! I HAVE A 3.0!!!!!!! In case you missed it....I HAVE A 3.0!!!!

It has been over a year and a half since I could say that, and boy does it feel good!! You can see all the crap I have been going through. After failing O Chem, it has been SO hard to get my GPA back up! At it's lowest, it was a 2.73. So it has come a long way! I am hoping to God that I can get an extra loan, take a few summer classes, get my GPA up more, reach my 90 hours and get my HOPE scholarship back!! I will walking on sunshine if I accomplish that! It is definitely not what I planned for the summer, but you have to make sacrifices to get what you need!!

I am just so excited I can't even explain it! Things have been going wrong for SO long, it's hard to believe it could actually be going right!! This also means I have a tiny shot at getting into GCSU's nursing program (where I am now) again!

I celebrated by going to the tanning bed today! I sureeeely need it. I have not been tanning in years and my last summer was pool-less basically and I haven't gone yet this year either. Please say a prayer that all of this works out how I want!! I know I'm not in control, but God is, and He knows what He has planned, it's just my job to find out!


  1. Congratulations Nicole!! Your hard work is paying off and that's definitely a great feeling! :)

  2. Congrats! And yay now we both wont be all white haha. Im glad you got you a package also :)