Yes, I'm still alive!

Have I seriously not posted since May?! This summer has flown by, and not in the best way! I took classes in June so that took up most of my time, and July has gotten off to a rough start as well. Brandon came down with appendicitis on July 3rdish, and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed on the 5th! Luckily, we made it down to AL to see his family for the 4th, though! He was in the hospital the 5th and 6th, and my 22nd birthday was the 7th! Things are trying to return to normal. B would have left on the 16th to go to AT, but due to the surgery, he was unable, medically, to go. He had to take some time off regular work too, to recover from the surgery. Since he had planned to go to AT, he took these two weeks off work...leaving him with no hours! They've thankfully fit him in a little bit, so he got to work a little this week. Hopefully he'll be able to work some next week too. With regular bills, medical bills coming in (no insurance), inability to work, Scentsy business sucking and more, things have been stressful. To say the least.
I planned in May to get a summer job. It ended up that I had to take classes in June in hopes of getting my HOPE scholarship back, so we have more money in August. Me + job + school = horrible combination. That's why I had the F that ruined my GPA to begin with that made me LOSE my scholarship. I totally had not planned all of this happening either. And me getting a job right now, wouldn't be smart, because I'd have to quit in August when regular school starts back.

So this is the life that you have missed for the last 2 months! Hopefully things will get better soon, somehow. I'm also looking for a niceeeee person to help me rearrange my blog! I've tried and tried and it just doesn't work. :)

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