Life Lately!

Things are going fabulously this Fall! It's finally cooling off for the most part and I'm so excited about that. Summer used the be my favorite season, but it's definitely Fall now! I love the cool nights, nice days, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin anything really..., pretty leaves; I just love it all! I'm wearing my flannel PJ pants for the first time since last Winter and I love it!

School is going pretty well this semester. Just taking two classes, and waiting on hearing from another nursing school, so PLEASE say a prayer! I should hear from them any day now!!

We got a HUGE blessing yesterday and I won the Kenmore contest I was in a few months back! It was a Facebook voting contest and I hadn't heard from them yet, but on Friday night I got an email saying I had possibly won, I just needed to send in a notarized affidavit by Wednesday. Not a problem...but I definitely learned how hard it is to find a notary on a Saturday before the Post Office closes at noon! In our little town, NO banks are open on Saturday, no dealerships had their notaries there, or libraries, NOTHING! So it was 10:30 and I called the next biggest town over and thankfully their Suntrust was open on Saturday! I got there at 11:15, waited for the notary, got it signed by 11:40, got to the post office and mailed it and no joke, walked out at 11:58! Whew! It was totally worth the hassle though because we got the email last night saying we had won the grand prize!! A $3,000 Gift Card from Kenmore!!! SUCH a blessing!! We're hoping to move into a bigger place in January, whether it be where the nursing school is if I get in, or just a bigger place in this town. This will definitely come in handy!!

I hope everyone else has been doing well too!! I'll keep y'all updated on the nursing school situation! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

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