Friday Five! 9/3

It's Friday Five time! This week's topic is 5 Things Always in Your Fridge. I figured I'd start out by showing you our lovely fridge. Note pad (almost out!), cards, coupons, magnets, niece and nephew's artwork...that's about it! But what's always inside it?

1. Charlie!
He's a smart kitty. He knows this is where is good, mushy food is kept and EVERY time you open the door, he runs to it! I took this picture when I opened it to take the rest of the pictures.

2. Pickles
The fiance can't live without them! He can eat pickles everyyy day and never get tired of them!

3. Soda of some sort
I prefer diet, but Brandon got these so I will drink water instead!

4. Milk
I loveee cereal, so I gotta have my milk! Drinking plain white milk grosses me out, unless it's accompanied by chocolate!

5. Ice cream or popsicles!
Can't forget the freezer! Some frozen treat is always in ours!
That's it for this week! So head over to Just Me and My Life... and see what's in everybody else's!

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  1. I love that you put your cat! Miley is always in the fridge!