Thursday Five! 2/10

I'm in agreement with the other Nicole! This week was a pretty good week, so I probably have lots to talk about! With this Thursday Five, here are things that made me...


I am so Excited to say that I am now a Scentsy Consultant!! I had my launch party on Sunday and it went pretty well! I'm so excited to start this because I love Scentsy and I can't wait to share it with everyone!

I got my starter kit yesterday too!! It was like Christmas! I love everything in it and I can't wait to do parties with it!!

It snowed just a TINY bit last night!! It was Delightful! (Because it never snows here!)

I took the TEAS again on Tuesday. I got the exact same score. I was a little bummed about that, but Thankful that I didn't do worse!

Today's one of my best friends' birthday! I hope Kelly has a Super good day!

Back to Scentsy, I'm so Appreciative of the people that have helped me get off to a great start!! Can you tell I'm excited about this?!? :)

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful week!


  1. It's kind of funny that you posted about being a new Scentsy consultant... I'm signing up tomorrow!! Congratulations and have fun with it!!

    Have fun with the snow!