Lazy Saturday Thoughts

School Stuff!
Still nothing from the teacher about my grade. Ugh! I'm ready to pull my hair out. "Pray for an A!" has become my mantra! This is my last shot at getting HOPE back since I'm over 90 hours now, and HOPE only covers to 127.

It's the end of the month, so I'm putting in two orders tonight and tomorrow! If you wanna get in on it, add my Scentsy Facebook page, or visit my website! Get those BBMB bars before they go away for good, again!

My Cats!
They're just awesome! I woke up to see Cammie had decided to eat some of the grilled sausage we accidently left out last night. It was in the middle of the kitchen floor. Now she and Charlie are running around playing. Oh, and she has also learned how to open the dishwasher by herself. Greattttt.

Kenmore Contest!
If you're my friend on Facebook, I've probably been bugging the crap out of you about this! :) Today and tomorrow are the last days to vote though! I'm very close to winning, so please help me out! We could win $3,000 to Kenmore and a chance to be in a commercial!

Mary Kay!
If you love Mary Kay, or have never tried it out, or if you just want to help me out in another contest, please add Cristy Lambert! She is awesome and always has great deals going on!! Tell her I sent you too! :) Thanks!

I'll leave you with some songs I'm currently loving!! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(Mainly just the Bruno Mars parts)

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