Stressed, much?

So this might be a reiteration of my post the other day, but oh well. I have a lot on my mind and nothing to do to keep my mind off of it. :)

First off, I have officially REapplied to GCSU's nursing program. I'm also going to apply to another smaller college, Gordon College. It's in Barnesville, which is on the other side of Macon. We'd be a bit closer to Jason and Angela, my brother and sister in law, but a little farther from my dad. But yet, a little closer to Brandon's side of the family! That school only has an associate program, but at this point, I don't even care what kind of program I'm in, as long as it gets me to an RN. I can always do an RN-BSN bridge program later on. I'm waiting for my UGA transcript to come in the mail because for some crazy *cough*lazy*cough* reason, Gordon is making me include both transcripts in my nursing application packet, even though they already have them on file in the Admissions office. :) So, once I get that, I will be assembling my packet and sending that off as well! I opted for getting it in the mail instead of driving nearly 2 hours to Athens to get it from the school. Gas is ridic and our $ situation is not so hot. Hopefully it will come tomorrow and I can get the app to Gordon on time. If not, I'll either be driving to Athens or Barnesville or both.

Our financial situation is looking a tad better. We have received the surgeon's bill ($2,600) and we only have to pay $600 of it, $50 a month starting sometime soon. We got the anesthesiologist's bill as well ($1,000) and the nice lady at the payment center is letting us start payment towards the end of August. $50 a month for that as well. We have yet to get the hospital bill or the pathology bill. The hospital bill will be the doozy, but hopefully since we sent in all our financial info, they will be able to discount us on that as well. The anesthesiologist and surgeon bills we've gotten so far are merely for their services, not the actual anesthesia or surgery! Plus he had a CT done, blood work out the ying yang, and stayed overnight. I really don't even think I want to know the total yet. What I've Googled has said ~$25k. Yeah, that's a car. A pretty nice, new car. Moral of the story: GET HEALTH INSURANCE. You may not think you need it, but you never know what will happen.

Luckily, Brandon has gotten some pretty good hours to have not been scheduled at all. His AT was supposed to be the 16th-31st or something like that, but with the surgery he was unable to go, and had already asked those two weeks off work. I think he got about 30 hours last week, and about 37 this week. Thank God!!! And my Scentsy check for August is shaping up to be a pretty nice one as well.

As far as other school stuff goes, I'm waiting to get my grades back. Which is driving me slightly insane. I have a 3.0 currently, and I had 88 hours. I have to have 90 to reapply for HOPE, so I took two classes (had to take 6 hrs to get financial aid). In those classes, I have to either get two B's or an A and a C. One class was Political Science, which I had taken previously and gotten a D in. This time around, I got a C. I'm waiting to see what the other class is. If it's an A, I'll be good to go. If it's a B, I'll be emailing teachers begging for extra credit assignments. The classes ended June 31st, so with it being July 25th, I want to knowww!! It's driving me crazy!! Well, this is about all going on for now. Thanks for listening to my rant if you made it this far! lol

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  1. Ok I made it to the end. Im glad things are looking up for you and Brandon. Life can suck sometimes. At one point Jaime and I were going through really hard times..were young it happens. I was going to suggest that you apply for programs at the hospital so they can pay for the services of the hospital..they could probably help you out.