In case you haven't noticed the few new changes on the blog, I got married October 9th! That and a few other things (I'll talk about later) are the reason I haven't blogged in forever. The wedding festivities were so much fun! I had a Passion Party done by my friend Brooke and dinner at Carrabbas for my bachelorette party while future hubby spent the night with a toilet. The next day we decorated the church and reception hall and had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was the most stressful day of all, that's for sure. Then Saturday was the wedding! It went pretty well as far as I'm concerned. The only mess ups in the ceremony were the pastor reading the wrong version of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 and I forgot my bouquet on the way out! That bummed me out for pictures sake, but oh well. It could have been worse. The reception was really nice and just how I wanted it...except for everyone leaving. I was not happy about that. All that work and people were leaving after like an hour. Even Brandon's groomsmen, but oh well. What's done is done, I guess. Looking back, I wouldn't have worried about everything as much if I'd known it wasn't even going to last that long. That's the only really big thing I was disappointed in. Guess that's what an alcohol free reception goes like though! In the end, we're married! And that's all that matters! We spend Sunday through Thursday honeymooning at Tybee Island and Savannah. I hate being back in school now! It's such a downer. Well, since I've given you a synopsis of the events, I'll leave you with some picture highlights! Enjoy!

My bridesmaids (minus one) and I outside of Carrabbas!
Pre-wedding stress!
Getting my hair fixed before the ceremony!
You may now kiss the bride!
Dancing our first dance! It's a lot more awkward than it looks.
A picture of the reception hall all prettied up!
A few of our professional photos, done by Kristin Benton Photography!

My husband at the beach!
This is where we ate breakfast every morning!

While we were there, I checked an item off my Bucket List! Eating at Lady and Sons!! BEST. FOOD. EVER.
My plate...er, first plate, at dinner! A buffet of Paula Deen's cooking is not good!
And last but not least, we got the waiter to take our pic! :)

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