What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This is my first time linking up with What I'm Loving Wednesday! I love these kinds of posts that encourage positivity! So here's what I'm loving this week!

I'm loving that I'm on Spring Break! No beach plans :( but just relaxing and not having to work on anything is nice!

I'm seriously loving some coleslaw. I've eaten coleslaw, I think 4? days in a row. Probably making that 5 tonight. It's so good!

I'm loving that I get to spend time with my family this weekend! Brandon has drill and my aunt Anne is coming into town from Louisiana, so I'm going to my dad's for the weekend!

I'm loving that when I start back to class, I only have like 4 more weeks! And I'm loving that it's almost May - when I found out about nursing school #2! Please say a prayer!

I'm loving this weather! It's been beautiful here this week! Cravinggg some pool time!

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