10 Days of You - Day 1

I got this idea from Liv at Simply Sunshine and Daisys. I thought it was cute, so I'm going try it out too! Not necessarily one every day, but I can promise they will be in order! Ha! So without further ado...

Day 1: 10 Secrets!
And I don't really have 10 secrets, so uh, 10 cool facts?! Sure!

1. I'm obsessed with cats. And cupcakes.

2. I'm pretty darn short. 4'11". Never could grow that last inch!

3. I have a food texture problem. Squishy things severely gross me out. Like oranges.

4. I loveee entering contests! And I win a good bit of them. People tell me I need to play the lottery! I don't call it lucky though, I call it blessed! I've won $1,000 at my senior prom, my engagement ring and wedding band, and recently a mini vacation!

5. I was a band kid, and proud of it! I played flute and piccolo in high school, flute in college some, but I miss it!!

6. I like assembling things. Like invitations, packages, anything like that! I think it's one reason I love Scentsy so much!

7. I love anything to do with Paris/French stuff. I want to visit so bad!

8. I can't swim.

9. My phone still doesn't have internet. I'm dyinggg for the iPhone 5!

10. I'll probably cry if I ever get into nursing school. Say a prayer!!

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  1. I play the flute and piccolo! I love them both with a passion.