10 Days of You - Day 4

Day 4: 7 Wants!

I get my student loan refund Wednesday!! YAY! No more being broke! If I could be totally unreasonable and blow it all, this is what I would get.

1. Tempurpedic Bed
These things are like laying on a cloud. I never should have laid on one at Rooms To Go. I want one SO bad but they are so expensive!! My bed is like, as old as me, so it's time for a new one. We'll probably go with a pillow top queen though!

2. iPhone 5
I will be getting one of these, God willing!! I have an enV touch right now, with no internet. It's time to join the rest of the world, and get an iPhone!!

3. New Laptop
There's nothing reallyyyy wrong with mine. It's just a little dated. It's the first Macbook that I got my freshman year of college, 4 years ago. I'd like to upgrade!

4. Cruise!
Our anniversary is in October, and I'd love to go on a cruise!! I've been itching to go on another, and Brandon has never been on one!

5. Bigger Apartment!
I'm tired of where we live! It's tiny and to be honest, rather ghetto. lol I'd like a bigger apartment in a nicer complex!

6. A Motorcycle for Brandon
We're trying to make this one happen! He's been wanting one for a very long time, and after countless arguments, I've given in. He'll just also be getting every piece of protective gear possible, as well.

7. Tower for the Kitties!
With our tiny apartment, I think it'd be nice for them to play on! Plus, cats like getting up high, and our 3-4 feet counter tops are as high as they can get here. Hopefully we'll find a good deal on one and we can get it for them!

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