Family Time!

I didn't want to waste my last day of break sitting around the apartment alone, so I headed to my brother's house! They're using a new tree this year, so we get to use their other one! Yay! I haven't picked out decorations for it yet, but I'm excited to at least have it! My brother had his oldest son and daughter for the weekend, so I was glad to see them too! You might remember I got my niece an Ace of Cakes decorating kit for her birthday a few weeks ago?

Well we played with it today! They did a pretty good job, and I must say, the cake didn't taste too bad to be "just add water" and microwaved! Haha It came with fondant and everything!

My nephew's cake is on the left - Niece's is on the right

I got to see my baby nephew too, which is always nice! It's crazy how much babies can grow and change within just two weeks! He was like 3 lbs heavier - and you could feel it too!

I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!

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