Saturday Thoughts

It's a Saturday afternoon, Brandon is at work and I'm procrastinating some school work I could be doing. :) So I thought I'd do a little random blog and see where it takes me!

First off, I'm in a contest to win a Scentsy warmer! Actually, I'm in 3, but this one requires votes! If you could vote for me that would be awesome. You have to add the consultant, Indep Scentsy Director-Bethany, on Facebook. Once she approves the request (she's good at getting to it quickly!) you just have to like my photo HERE! You
can't see the photo unless you're friends with her, so after she approves, the link will work. If you vote, THANK YOU!! I've wanted a Scentsy for some time now, and our recreational funds are limited, so I really hope I win one! :)

Second, I don't think I ever showed y'all what I won over at Adventures in Abby Land! It's a super cute keylette from Sew Much Detail. I'm developing an obsession with damask, so of course I chose the damask one! It's super cute and helps my keys not get engulfed in my purse! And the wrapping it came in was super cute too! Thank
you again, Robyn and Sandee!

Third, I sold my first crocheted baby hat this week! Breanna at Forever Yours, Semper Fi got a hat for little Miss Abigail! She gave me a picture of what she had in mind and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! If you're interested in one, head over to Knitted Noggins!

I think that's all for now! I should probably get to doing some school stuff. Boo. I have my niece's birthday party this evening though! Update later! Until next time!

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