A new award!

I got nominated for the Verasatile Blogger Award by Diana at Little Moments! Thank you so much, Diana!! I'm so excited! For this award you have to list 7 things about you and then pass it on to 7 more people. Here goes!

1. I'm 4'11. I always wanted to be 5', but just never got there.
2. I hate politics and I don't really care what's going on with it. I think the country needs it to stay afloat, but I just don't care. They're all crooked liars anyway.
3. I can watch Discovery Health all day, every day. F you Oprah, for taking it over with a network about...you.
4. The idea of having a baby really freaks me out. But I want to have one one day. One day farrrr far away.
5. I never, ever thought I'd be married to someone in the military.
6. I can't wait to be out of college. Most people love it, but I'm kind of over it. Next, please!
7. I love, love, love baking! I only cook because I don't want to weigh 500 pounds.

And the nominees are...

For #7 I want YOU to suggest a blog to nominate! I love finding new, good blogs!


  1. Awwww! Thanks! I follow so many good blogs, I wouldn't even know who to recommend!

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  3. Hey hun, I'm your newest follower.