Thursday Five 1/13!

This feels like it has been THE slowest week EVER. It's finally Thursday, which means it's finally almost Friday. I spent most of the week iced in my apartment, waiting to see when classes would start. Oh, what fun! Regardless, here are things that made me feel...

I was happy to have my winter break extended 3 days! :D Yay for snow and ice!

I've already lost 2ish pounds since I started eating less and eating healthier! Once I get back into the swing of going to class, I'll be working out too! So excited to finally stick to this!

I'm grateful that we never lost power with all the ice we had! That's the big problem in Georgia. Our trees can't handle weight from ice and snow and they fall on power lines and cause power outages! But we never lost it, thank God!

My sweet, sweet husband brought me home a dozen pink roses Saturday! It was our 3 month "anniversary". They're so pretty and they smelled good too!

I'm thankful that next Thursday I will be getting my student loan and hopefully money worries will be gone for a while!! One more week!


  1. That''s the one and only thing I miss about snow...snow days. I'm guessing since it's mid-January that we're probably not getting anything remotely close to a snow day here in New Mexico.