The things I get myself into...

I'm stressed. Big time. I'm in the process of applying to nursing schools and it has about driven me insane. I'm writing this so that anyone who asks about it can just read it and I don't have to repeat myself 800 times. Plus it'll feel good to just get it out.

I took the TEAS yesterday. I got an 81, which my advisor said was a really good score since they've came out with the new test this year (the national average is a 68.9). The thing is my GPA is kind of low (2.9) for nursing. She said normally she wouldn't tell someone to retake the TEAS, but in my circumstances, every little bit can help. The scores are averaged though (and
it's $50 to take) which makes me nervous. But I don't want to be 4 people out of the admitted group and say, "Well what if I had just taken the TEAS one more time..." So I'm pretty sure I'm going to retake it. Ugh. She plugged in my GPA and grades and stuff, and said that going on last year's Fall admitted group, I would not have gotten in. Spring, more than likely. I REALLY do not feel like waiting until Spring of 2012 to start nursing school. I should have graduated this semester as it is. I JUST WANT TO BE A NURSEEEE.

So I've been looking into backup schools. One being Macon State. I've been checking their website continuously for the last few weeks and it has been consistently saying that the applications for Spring '11 are closed...check back later for Fall. Well, I look today and the applications are due for the school (including transcripts from my 2 previous colleges) by February 1st. Holy freaking crap. SO I submitted that app today, and my 2 transcript requests. I'm praying to GOD that they get there by Feb 1. Then I have to apply for the program by Feb 15. This all got thrown on me in about 15 minutes. I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't get in to either. Or if I don't even get the chance to apply to Macon.

I'm going crazy and I just really need prayers or something to tell me I'm doing the right thing.

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  1. Everything is going to be fine. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you're meant to start classes in the spring of 2012? That is a really long time away. Maybe in the mean time you can retake some of the classes you didn't do so well in to bring your gpa up?

    I'm sorry you're stressing. Everything will work out how it's supposed to. Just have faith :-)