Random Thursday Thoughts

No, it's not another Blogger meme, I just haven't wrote in a while! It does have a ring to it though! Usually I'd stick some of my randomness into Thursday Five but it's been missing for a while! :/ Anyway...

[Bye bye, classes!]
I finished up classes this week so I am done with studying until January! I can't tell you how good that feels! Checked my grades and I have two A's so far! Cross your fingers for 1 or 2 more!

[Ho, Ho, Ho!]
My Christmas mood is HERE! It's been here, but I've subdued it to focus on studying. We put our tree up a few days ago. This is what it looks like now though:

But hopefully it will be all prettied up tonight! I'm super excited to decorate our first tree together! And I'm ordering my 50 FREE Christmas cards from Shutterfly that I blogged about HERE!

A few days ago, I had the strangest thing happen, that really freaked me out! I was sitting on the couch studying, when I thought I saw something fall from the ceiling. I looked to see what it was, and I saw something go across the room. I thought, "Oh, must be a bug." Well I sat up, all of like a half a foot from where I was leaning to look, and BAM! I start seeing lights coming from every way, but all going towards the center. There were probably like 15 of them that looked like the things that fly off sparklers, kind of an inverted firework. It lasted ~30 seconds or so, and that was it! Hasn't happened since!

Such a cute website! I'm newly addicted and you can follow me here! It's an image site and you "heart" your favorites and it creates a page of them!

[Happy Birthday, Charlie!]
So his birthday is sometime in November, maybe around the 16th, but we're not too sure since we adopted him from a shelter. But he's about a year old now! I was uploading pics the other day and found one to show a good comparison! My baby's growing up! *sniff sniff*

I think that's all the randomness I have for now! Until next time!

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