Weekend Recap!

- Thursday -
This week is going to start on Thursday, because it's when the fun began! Thursday was payday, so we bought our Christmas tree decorations! This is our first married Christmas, so here is our first tree as husband and wife! :)
This is my favorite ornament!

- Friday -
Brandon had drill this weekend, so me and Charlie drove up to my dad's for the weekend! I went to visit my aunt Friday night. They were having a little Christmas festival in their town, so we went to that! It was pretty fun! They were passing out free hot chocolate and marshmallows to roast on a big fire. They had a Santa there for the kids to take pictures with and they had a cake walk! I walked one time and won a cake! It was a red velvet cake with German chocolate icing. Pretty good, although I'm not a biggg fan of coconut. It served as a nice birthday cake for my dad though!
- Saturday -
My dad's birthday! Happy Birthday to him! I got him a Scentsy - equivalent warmer and a few scents and he loved it! I was glad! We sat around for a bit and then I went to Tires Plus to see what was up with my putt putt car. It's been sputtering a lot lately. After that, I went to Mexicali, AKA the best Mexican restaurant ever, with Manda and then we stopped by Walmart where I ran into Alysse, a friend from UGA! We stopped for Starbucks on the way home and then Ryan, Jonathan and Ryan's mom stopped by. We've been friends since 7th grade and he's moving back to Canada in a few days so I was really glad I got to see him before he left!!

- Sunday -
I had coffee (again) with Lauren! It was nice to catch up since I hadn't seen her since the wedding! She brought my Christmas present, and I love it! I'm a slacker and haven't gotten done with my shopping yet, so that just means we'll have to hang out again before Christmas! I got a book of 1001 sweet recipes! This should keep me occupied for the rest of my life! lol I love it! And a sweet frame that will be perfect for one of our wedding pics of me and Lauren!
And it was snowing like all day! None of it stuck hardly, but at least I got to see snow! It's rare in Georgia!
That was my weekend! I hope everyone else has had a great one too! :)

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  1. I love the ornament I wish I would have gotten one for Jaime and I. dang it! I was gonna get you an ornament that looked similar to that one, Im glad I didnt after all:)