Thursday Five - 12/30!

It's Thursday Five time again! This week has been a doozy, it feels like! Decompressing from the holidays, I guess, but here are things that made me...

Totally Stoked

I was really Happy to get a book shelf today! Simple things in life. Haha. I really think I'm getting old because I get excited about new lamps, book shelves, etc. I also got Bakerella's book CAKE POPS!! I'm super excited to try out some more of them!

I was Delighted to get our present from my MIL yesterday! She crocheted me a headband and scarf that are so cute!! I love handmade presents; they're much more meaningful!

I'm Grateful that I got to spend a nice evening with my brother and his family Monday! They're so much fun and it's nice to get out of this little town every once and a while!

I'm Totally Stoked for my new plug in warmer and scent that I won! I got it in the mail today, and it's so cute and the fragrance (You Go Girl) smells SO freaking good!!

I'm Thankful that my dad helped me buy a new laptop charger today. I don't know what it is, but they only last me about a year and a month. Long enough to not be under warranty anymore, basically. But I was pleased to see that Mac has redesigned them, so hopefully the problem that always happens will not happen anymore!

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