Feelin' Good!

So today is the official Day 1 of the Slim Fast plan. I've been eating pretty healthy (minus yesterday, it was my last bad day before starting this) this week. I'm proud to say I've only had one soda!! That is CRAZY for me. I'm a diet coke freak. Me and Dasani are developing a relationship now. We hated each other before. The only irritating thing is having to pee every 20 minutes. But I've heard you get over that. I got my rings re-sized a few weeks ago, and trying both of them on at the same time was still a little difficult. But since I've been drinking more water and retaining less water, I tried them both on today and they fit perfect! It's seeing things like that that reassure me and make me feel like this is all actually doing something!
[Excuse the lack of make up, it's Friday.]
I had my Slim Fast meal bar for breakfast and it was pretty good! Tasted kind of like a Luna bar, if you've ever had those, but less gritty. Then I had a shake when I got home from class. Again, it was pretty good. Not Hershey's by any means, but I got the whole thing down. lol. I have a feeling it's a "learned" taste. I had a little snack bar which was REALLY good but REALLY small. I think that's going to be one of the things to get used to - smaller portions. I did a little research though, and there are some really good snacks that I can still eat! Like 100 calorie popcorn bags, graham crackers with peanut butter, sherbert, applesauce and all kinds of fruit! So that definitely helps for adding variety to it all instead of the same bars every day. For our balanced meal tonight, I'm making baked pork chops and veggies! Yum!


  1. Hey! I saw your post on USMC gals (facebook) and wanted to follow you :) Come follow me! I'm just getting into the blog thing - I don't know how to make my own button?! Anywho, good post and good luck !