Friday Five! 8/13

I love weekly blog posts! Here it is brought to you through Just Me and My Life
...the Friday Five!
Top Five Favorite Websites

1. Facebook - I'm addicted. Those people that give it up for Lent, I admire you. Between normal activity, FarmVille (yep, I'm one of those people), and all those other addicting games, most of my online time is spent on Facebook. And I met my fiance on Facebook so that pretty much seals the deal. :D

2. Gmail - Best email ever. I'd heard before I joined it, but it is oh so true. It's the easiest, most organizable email I've ever used and I get all my other email accounts (school accounts) forwarded there. And this is what my layout looks like. It's cute too!
3. Blogger - I've become a recent addict to this too. I love these little weekly subject blogs and I love all the giveaways that people do!

4. The Knot - Any bride-to-be planning a wedding should know this site! It is absolutely fabulous and has everything you could ever want to know about wedding planning (EVERYTHING!) plus a free personalized website AND a store! I love it!

5. USMC Yuku - When Brandon left for boot camp last year, I found the Parris Island yuku board and it was pretty much my boot camp saving grace. The people there kept me sane, and once Brandon graduated at Parris Island and went onto his unit, I graduated from the PI board and moved on to the "big" board. It was intimidating at first but the ladies there are wonderful and SO helpful too! I love them!

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