Thursday Five! 8/26

It's Thursday Five time! Almost another week over, but here are things that made me...


I went to the gym today and actually ran for a little bit! By little, I mean just a few minutes, but hey, it's a start. Baby steps. Baby steps.


Brandon and Charlie always make me laugh, but we watched Role Models the other night, and it was pretty good!


My bridal shower is Saturday and my dress fitting is tomorrow!! SUPER excited!!


Charlie sat in the window and watched me leave for class this morning, and popped his head out when I got home too! I know he's "just" a cat, but I thought it was sweet!


I learned a classmate from high school died today. So, so, so thankful for every day God gives me. Never take life for granted! It could be gone before you know it.


  1. Yay for your bridal shower! How exciting!!

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