Scentsy Giveaway!

So I've been wanting to try these products for a while now, because I loveee candles and new and different variations of them! This week and next, Mrs. Gambizzle at Life as a Sailor's Girl is hosting a giveaway for a Scentsy burner and wax bar! Her friend Sarah graciously donated it for the giveaway and I'm super excited and hope I win!! Here's a picture of the OH so cute burner!

It would look perfect on our bedside table and it would be safe around our kitty cat, Charlie! :) Also, check out Sarah's page and look at all the cute things Scentsy has to offer!
Military girls - they're coming out with a military line September 1st! Yes, please!

Thanks to Mrs. Gambizzle and Sarah for the opportunity! :)

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  1. I LOVE Scentsy!! I have one full size burner and two wall burners right now. And about 5 different scents that i change regularly. The wax never gets too hot. When it spills on your skin (which I've done a lot) it barely burns and definitely doesn't leave a mark like regular wax does.