First Day Back!

It went surprisingly well! I started out having 3 classes today. I'll get to that in a second. I went to my first two and I liked the teachers and the classes seem really easy! Which is definitely what you need when you need your GPA to go up like I do. One class doesn't even have a final! Thank God! One is a sociology class focusing on Marriage and Family (which I find appropriate since I'm getting married in October) and the other is a Personal Health and Fitness class.

I was supposed to have my 3rd class, Microbiology, at 6 pm tonight. Yeah, tell me about it. That time sucks. Especially when all my other classes were over by noon. I'd been stalking the registration page allll day and for the last 3 weeks. FINALLY today at like 4:45, a spot opened up in another class. YES! I took it ASAP. Sooo that means I missed the class today, but at least I don't have the 6 pm class anymore! The lab for it was even 7:30-9:30 one night a week! Bleck! I'm sure that class will not be easy like the others, but with the others being easy, I can focus on it more. All in all, things are going off to a good start!

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  1. I'm glad your first day went well. I don't start classes until August 25th. BUT "sometime" between NOW and THEN my boyfriend deploys to Afghanistan. :(