Overwhelmed much?

Money sucks. Why can't college be free? We thought we'd have plenty of money to go see Brandon's parents this week, and we did. What we didn't think about is not having enough money with his next check. He got paid Thursday, about $600. $400 went to rent, $70 is going to cable, Brandon has drill next week ($40 for gas, $10 for haircut). Which leaves us with like $70 for the next two weeks. Hello hotdogs and sandwiches! Brandon's birthday is Sunday and it really upsets me I don't have the money to get him anything. It's been like this for the longest time, and I'm just tired of it. I know presents are just material things, but it's just sweet to be able to give him something that'd make him happy.

And then there's stupid student loans. I lost my scholarship, because of classes I don't even need for the school I'm at now, and I now have the pleasure of paying my own tuition. Meaning the $3000 going to that, will no longer be going to my rent, utilities and food. FML. I get a little bit back, but it's not much. I don't want to take out a private loan because their interest rates are outrageous, so hopefully Brandon's job will keep being steady. I really wish I could get a job or something to make money, but I did the work and school thing one semester and I got a C, D and F in 3 of my classes! Not doing that again.

Oh and not to mention I'm trying to plan our wedding which is just about 2 months away during all of this too! I am going to lose my mind. Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer, but I just had to get it out of my system somehow!

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  1. oh gosh I feel you, reservist dont get paid enough. That was us a couple of months ago we struggled ALOT but thankfully Jaime has a really good job now and he's getting $9 an hour. He's done with school and now it's my turn. I hope things get better for you all. You will one day look back and just say it was just something you had to get through to where you are right now:)