My Wonderful Sunday!

I had a greattt day yesterday! It was my fiance's birthday, so I made him brownies while he was asleep the night before, got up in the morning, cooked him breakfast and gave him his present (the new A7X CD)! He loved it! And I loved that he loved it!

Then we set out for my hometown and met with our pastor to talk about the wedding! We went over tons of details and got everything straightened out for the big day! Which is only 2 months away as of today! We did our premarital counseling too, so I was glad to get that checked off the To Do list. Then we went to Men's Wearhouse and got our tuxes set up for the guys that need them and then I fell in love with sugar gliders.

They had a display of them at the mall we were at and they are SO darn cute. I held one and it purrs!! How cute is that?! Then the guy called it and it jumped from my hand, 4 feet away into the guy's pocket! If it wasn't $489, I would own one. Sooo after prying me away from them, Brandon dropped me off at David's Bridal and I got my first alterations done! That was a pain in the....feet. The shoes I wore hurt like crazyyyy. So standing in them for an hour was wonderful. I will be investing in some bridal flip flops! After that, we went and visited with my dad for a while and then went out to dinner at Loco's (thanks Dad!) for Brandon's birthday. And then we came home! It was a longgg but really good day!

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